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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> will and in respect -- with all due respect to the presidential campaign, no, no do respect. ♪ >> we have been saying for months now to the king is a -- the 2016 presidential candidates is a three ring circus, but with the events of the past 24 hours as turned into something darker and weirder. it will get to ted cruz's troubles any moment, but first
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the case of the former right reporter took a dramatic turn today. donald trump's campaign manager was indicted today. see what it looks like after we zoom in. you see lewandowski reaching in from behind. >> the charging officer wrote in the police report that he grabbed her left arm with his right hand, causing him to turn it that, and probable cause exists to charge him. the trump campaign responded almost immediately saying that he is absolutely innocent of this charge. he will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court.
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he is confident he will be exonerated. later trenton self -- donald trump himself took to twitter with several tweets. saying my campaign manager was just charged with assaulting a reporter, look at the tapes, nothing there. and then ted cruz was asked for his reaction, and he did not hesitate to lash out. ted cruz: it is a very sound development and this is the consequence of the culture of the troubled campaign. the abusive culture, when you have a campaign that is built on personal insults, on attacks and physical violence. that has no place in a political campaign, it has no place in our democracy. >> moments ago donald trump defended lewandowski in front of news cameras on the way he could have. in a press conference from his parked private jet in janesville
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, wisconsin. >> it would be very easy for me to discard people, i don't discard people. i do not discard people in that is one of the reasons i am the front runner by a lot. in that tape, he was very seriously maligned. i think it is very unfair. >> what does this say about the campaign? >> it says nothing about the campaign. if you look at it, he was trying to block her, and she is grabbing me and asking questions. she is not supposed to ask questions. i was leaving, and she runs up and you can see there are pictures where she is grabbing my arm and i'm trying to get her off. i think it is a disgrace that something like that could take place, and i'm shocked by it and i will stick by people. and it is not politically good for me to do, but when somebody is maligned so unfairly i will stick by them.
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i think it is really unfair, and unfair thing to a person. i was watching some of the television coverage and people were saying how can somebody be charged for that? the tapes were from me. they see it, and they see what took place, and it is so minor. if you look at her initial statements, she was talking about being dragged down or something to that effect. all of a sudden she changed her tone in little bit. >> extraordinary circumstances that neither of us have seen in our career. the front runner's campaign manager charged with assault. what are the legal implications? >> i want to reflect on that in and of itself. there is a picture of you and dig morris.
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he got in trouble in 1996 because he was in an incident with a prostitute. that was as weird as anything as anything i have seen. this is a different thing. there is an allegation of violence, a charge of assault. i'm not a lawyer, i do not know what will happen. we will talk with a lawyer later on, but just on the legal level we will talk about politics. it is problematic, huge. >> innocent until proven guilty, with every american. in any other campaign, and any other business, and a minimum he would take a leave of absence. trump does not play by the rules. in this case it is dangerous for him. he is in a contested situation with ted cruz and john kasich. he has trouble with female voters. there's no escaping the symbolism here.
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john: this is the politics of it. you know how the situation where donald trump is getting hit for the heidi kreuz photograph that he retreated them to have your campaign manager charged with assault by a female reporter compounds that horrible narrative for him that allows ted cruz to get an offense in a harmful way and relates deep doubts for any voter. mark: even with the presumption of innocence, there is a video that people see. this is a dangerous move for donald trump to make. john: the truth is we cannot remember any campaign manager being charged, let alone being guilty of assault on a reporter with a video. mark: the ted cruz campaign has been dealing with its own reality tv drama after the national enquirer reported that he had affairs with multiple women. now reporters are asking him point blank of what we're these
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-- if any of these rumors are true. we just talked about how he could benefit from this situation with the water the indications of this story? john: -- mark: ted cruz now, i believe, his campaign is hoping that the question does not come up anymore. having dodged questions about the marital affair he is done talking about it. we are seeing. they are doing a town hall tonight. this puts his campaign on pins and needles, and he has to hope that he can do well enough in wisconsin to get the page to turn. john: this is a delicate subject, obviously. reporters are always loath to ask who it was. the famous have you ever question.
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presumption of innocence all right, it is also noticeable that he did not answer the question directly with he was asked. mark: he answers the same way bill clinton would answer. john: he did nothing know are yese did not say no or because he knew that the , question would be continued to ask. mark: when we come back to what happens in donald trump and hillary clinton was wisconsin's primary next week -- lose wisconsin primary next week? ♪
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mark: we're going to talk more about controversy just a moment, but there is a primary next tuesday.
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all five presidential candidates were in wisconsin today fanning out across the state ahead of tuesday's big showdown. one thing was very clear to us while we were there talking to people in both parties. both front runners could lose in the badger state on tuesday, and maybe by a lot. ted cruz held rallies today in brooksville and cedarburg, and he is scheduled to join john kasich and donald trump this evening. the real news from the day, can first thing this morning when governor scott walker talked to a radio host to talk about why he decided to endorse the texas senator. scott walker: i wanted to support somebody, not being in somebody or against someone but before someone like i have said many times. after a lot of time to get
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,- looking at the speeches looking at the records, looking at what the candidates have done in the past, it was an easy call for me to support ted cruz. mark: later we will talk about the interview he did yesterday with donald trump and the badger state state of play. how much is that walker endorsement going to matter for ted cruz? john: he is a popular governor in wisconsin. it is the most important endorsement of the state the momentum is with ted cruz. we talked to a lot of republicans who thinks that he is on the path to winning anyway, but that the walker endorsement will give him a extra boost of momentum. there is a lot of craziness going on in the atmosphere with the allegations of infidelity. mark: good gets better, that -- bad gets worse.
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if trump loses the primary and loses it bank, it is going to , it is going to create a very different kind of atmosphere than he has faced in this entire campaign. it could be his first existential moment. john: you have another republican governor of in a midwestern state who should be john kasich best friend, somebody who could given him a huge boost endorsing him as a real conservative. if it had not happened so many other times before, it would be shocking and baffling, but it is a trend now. mark: he's a great retail politician. it will be interesting to see him on the trail. john: he understands a lot things. turning now to bernie sanders, who even the clinton campaign admits could execute a victory next week, he is holding an event later tonight.
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with me are coming up this month. what is the difference now between a narrow sanders victory and a huge sanders victory? mark: hillary clinton could win the state. you and i went to an event that they're not suggest that the -- suggest she was doing bob melvin the seat. john: they do not even fill the gym. bernie sanders had 3000 in appleton. mark: if he wins big, more like what he did in new hampshire than in michigan, it will give him a lot of momentum because it will big the question why is she not doing better in that state? john: their argument now is that the delegate math is what hillary clinton. bernie sanders needs to win big states by the margins is going -- by big margins to fill the gap. this will not raise dust will
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-- raise the question if he might be a to repeat that in new york and california and new jersey. the bill the door to getting back in the game. mark: the clinton people have been downplaying these chances. if a win for him gifts and momentum coming into new york. it is a somewhat diverse states, and it is a statement labor and the economy is not as bad as that in michigan. it will show a certain resonance for him, and winning a one-on-one showdown in a state contest is a big deal. john: if hillary clinton one in michigan they would not be talking about lack of diversity. mark: secretary clinton held a forum on a gun violence in no walkie this morning, one of three campaign events she held in wisconsin. now she is getting out of dodge and coming to the apollo theater in harlem. the campaign downplaying her chances in wisconsin, and
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mounting suspicion that she will get a real challenge here in new york on april 19. my question is where is bill? what are the clintons up to in wisconsin? even when the staff says you cannot win this state, they fight like crazy, keeping the margin down. why are they not in wisconsin rest of the week? john: we both have the same reaction when world told by people that they are spinning that in setting themselves up for a comeback victory. now we both think they are destined to lose. the question is how big the margin is. bill clinton is not there and also just to me that they think they will lose by a big margin and there is no point in deploying him there in a wasted effort. mark: if you try hard to win and then get blown out in his were symbolically. any state he won in the general
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election is a state he feels like is his, and he could turn things around. he has done an event already in new york, she is doing an event. they are getting their losses and charlotte new york because the fact is a sanders when i -- win in wisconsin is a big deal, but as she wins in new york, she has the momentum again. john: the public polling says she is big in new york. she has been an elected senator twice in the state, she should win the state. i think the one place where they are spinning is suggesting that this will be hypercompetitive. they know bernie sanders is going to fight but they feel more confident that the town she has a real hold on the state in a way she does not in wisconsin at all. mark: win in new york and shut the thing down because her delegate lead is very tough.
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next, the possible trials and tribulations of donald trump's campaign manager. we asked a criminal defense attorney what could happen in the case. ♪
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mark: our first guest tonight is a criminal defense attorney from florida who is been following the battery charge case against donald trump's campaign manager. john: before we start talking about strategy tactics, just
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what is the legal standard does he have to prove to prove himself innocent, and all we know at this moment? >> pursuant to our constitution, he does not have to prove or disprove anything. it is the burden of the state of florida to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that each and every element occurs and that he committed that offense. he will not have any obligation to put on any evidence proving or disproving anything. however, i would expect him and his lawyer to put on a defense to this and use several different approaches, that donald trump has even alluded to. john: so what is the prosecution having to prove on the basis of that videotape? >> the charge of battery requires that he actually and intentionally touched her against her will and without her
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consent, or they can prove it i showing that she actually and intentionally was caused bodily harm. they do not have to prove both. they do not even have to prove that she was hurt, that she was bruised. it only requires that there was an actual and intentional touching and it was against her will. >> do you know the prosecutor in this case? >> i do not. mark: i am just curious because obviously, we do not want to minimize the complaint that was made in the charge is a serious charge, there is unwanted touching that occurs every day. do you think that the prosecutor felt that because there was a video they had to bring the case, even though it would normally not be brought under those circumstances? >> i am not sure it would not be brought under those
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circumstances, but it would be foolish of me to say that the politics of this and the huge public spectacle that is going on with the donald trump campaign probably did not play heavily into this. >> so if you were counsel in this case and he said i have to make this go away as quickly as possible, do you think you could plead this out quickly? >> i'm sure he could. >> what when he have to do? what would he have to plead to? >> he might not even have to plead. i do not know that jurisdiction's policies about pretrial diversion. but many jurisdictions around our state have those that state attorneys will refer to such as a misdemeanor battery it might involve the she would have to agree with that referral.
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it would include a a major management -- anger management class. then the charges could be dropped. if he is not eligible for this, it is likely that he can enter a plea to something like an adjudication of guilt, where he would not the convicted formerly of the charges. mark: just to clarify one thing quickly, when he say she would have to agree, is that a matter of law or the reality of a prosecutor in a case like this? >> it is usually the reality of the prosecution in terms of the policies within state attorneys offices because of the public policy in terms of not wanting to do things better and with -- doing things dealing with violent crimes against the victims will. john: the prosecutoral standard , if he engaged in touching
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against her consent, it is battery. if he called you and said here is what the video shows, what should my strategy be? is it smart for me to say i am innocent when on the standard you suggested it seems hard to claim he is innocent. >> it breaks my criminal defense attorney heart when i hear about this tweeting and talking about it. everyone needs to be quiet about it. even on her part she needs to stop talking about it, especially in such a public forum. donald trump's comments are not that troubling to me, and i would not be shocked if there was some defense tactic in having him publicly come out and talk about this in the way he has today. i do not like that she is talking about it. i do not think that helps, as any statement he makes can be used against him in court. trumpsalk about donald
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public comments that you just mentioned. >> we cannot pretend like there is not a political forum going on any greater political discussion. i do not know that it would have been my tactic to allow him to make comments like that. lewandowski's attorneys do not have any control over trump. i do not think his comments were really that troubling. i tend to agree with him in terms of watching the video. i find it to be something that we would see commonly in press conferences in terms of the hype and the amount of people everyone running around and chasing after the subject they want to speak to. i did not find what appeared on the video to be consistent with what she had said in terms of ending with severe bruises or pulled down to the ground.
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trump made comments that i would have expected to make in a court of law if i were representing his manager. it will be interesting. >> that would be the core of your defense if you were the council? given what we have seen on tape? >> what i would have to do is argue that this was not unconsensual. that this was not something that someone would not have expected or would not be normal in the course of the circumstances surrounding these individuals. >> thank you. charlie sykes joins us to talk from wisconsin, next. ♪
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>> i do apologize. i believe in apologizing. but i think before i would think about apologizing, he owes me an apologizing. he started it. nothing like this would have never happened. >> we are not on the playground. we are running for president. >> i agree with that 100%. that was an audio clip from yesterday that people are still talking about. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. i want to ask you about the lewandowski thing and how do you think that will play in the context of the primary, a week away from voters in wisconsin? >> it will not help donald trump because it plays into the narratives of the way his campaign behaves, the way they treat women, and this pattern
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may have created where they will never simply apologize. this whole thing would've simply gone away if he said i am sorry, i apologize for this, or if they had not tried to trash this woman the way they are. but they have created this brand where they decided that any sort of apology, any acknowledgment that they have done something wrong is perceived as weakness. in some ways it backed themselves into a corner. john: talk about how you felt when you learned he would be interviewing donald trump and how you prepared for that interview. >> i have to admit that when i sat down in the radio studio at 8:30 a.m., and we were going to i thought there -- talk to him at 8:35 a.m., i thought he might come up. i actually posted an article that conservative talk radio is
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different in wisconsin, so i was surprised that they never did -- thathat investing king. what i did was simply to ask him the questions that have been running around in my head the last six months, which was to ask someone who wants to be president of the united states whether there is going to be some time when you say i have to stop the juvenile tweets, whether or not this would be a moment coming in wisconsin will be volume civilian and decorum a little bit. he was not going to budge. mark: second day in a row your dominating the news. the endorsement gets a lot of news coverage today. scott walker is the kind of governor that comes with an organization? does he helped to turn the boat now that he has given his
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support to ted cruz? >> it actually does. i am a skeptic about the power of endorsements at this level, but i was a little bit surprised that he came out as strongly pro-ted cruz as he did. i thought he would be contact will vote as opposed to a full throated endorsement. what he has done is he has sent a signal to the highly motivated, highly engaged electorate that it is ok to support ted cruz, that he is their guy. just as important was donald trump's apparently knee-jerk reaction that he was going to lash out and attack scott walker. that is weapons grade stupid in this particular state because you have to remember that republican primary voters have called role through glass for these recall elections for scott walker. so to attack wisconsin is a -- in a republican primary is not going to play well. john: we have been spending more
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time talking ted cruz and the accusation of marital infidelity. how much do you think those accusations hurt him or feasibly could have hurt him in wisconsin? i think probably in the short-term, less than you might think because there is nothing tangible or credible source. if there was a stronger candidate. john kasich could have been the unsullied third choice, but it does not seem to be playing out that way in wisconsin. the reality is that national enquirer does not carry that much weight without credible media evidence. i want to know you how you feel about the have you ever question.
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do you think that is one that candidates should have to answer? >> is inevitable. we have all lived through the clinton era, and there was a certain recognition at the end of that that voters will not decide on personal lives. if you have run as a pious, born-again christian evangelical candidate like ted cruz it would be so inconsistent with that it would hard to -- be hard to imagine surviving. yet you have to leave the family aside unless you have some that is tangible. the fact that rather than talking about the fundamental issues that you thought we might talk about this year, trade for the future, why people are unhappy with the country, we're down to talking about what donald trump is tweeting about, who is insulting, whether or not you have a presidential
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candidate who somehow is aide who might be abusing women. all of these things are part of a bizarre campaign we are in. mark: anything think ted cruz is likely to win the republican primary. how confident about that are you? >> i have been wrong so often, like so many people have been this year. we're going to have a full -- poll tomorrow that tends to be the gold standard. i'm reasonably confident, because i think that ted cruz is going to do very well in southeastern wisconsin. i think donald trump is likely to do better in the western part of the state. the battleground is going to be green bay. but i do think that what you are seeing is a coalescing of conservatives behind ted cruz. john kasich is just not catching on. i think wisconsin voters are
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making a tactical decision, a binary choice between trump and ted cruz. i think that the endorsement today solidifies mass. at this point i would be surprised if ted cruz does not win. i have been surprised again in this campaign. mark: brian fallon talks about the news of the day. we will also talk to him about gotham city tonight. ♪
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byk: we are joined here hillary clinton's press secretary brian fallon. thank you for coming back on the show. the sanders campaign has been agitating over the question of a debate the state. why did you not accept that debate right off the top? >> this is a tempest in a teapot that has come up the last few hours. the sanders campaign decided to issue a letter publicly. usually the campaigns will work privately to come up with a debate schedule. we have always intended to go through that process and we are going to the process.
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there have been back channel conversations throughout the day today. our campaign indicated to the sanders campaign through the dnc that we are perfectly willing to debate in april, and we divided -- provided some options. john: new york is on the table? not the forum, but the actual debate? >> yes. mark: given how anxious they are to do it in new york, are you willing to bend to that, i know there are other options, or is that still subject of debate? >> they will have to work together to figure out the locations. we're willing to do new york, among other options. there are those that are voting, -- on the 26th, where the sanders campaign will have to do well if they are going to seriously vy for the nomination.
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she is willing to debate in new york and other places. if they can find a mutually agreeable date, if it happened. mark: is there any downside? >>, i do not think so. john: this is a good spot. we have four chairs. >> you have to figure out with all the moderators. the notion of the campaign manager being charged with battery, and whether donald trump standing by his campaign manager poses a matter of politics rather than morality is the right thing to do? >> i am not going to comment on specific charge because there will be a legal process, and he will get his say. but there is due process. the most i will say, making an observation about the campaign generally, is that mr. trump has clearly created a culture that not just condones violence but
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goads it on. that is true of his supporters at rallies were he offers to pay legal fees, and he comes it to a certain stream with his death certain degree -- certain degree with his staff. mark: the fact that his staff personnel and hurting female, does that bring up anything you would want to comment on? >> i will just say that this is not the most recent allegation for the single allegation. -- the fact that this is a recurring problem speaks for itself. john: everybody has watched the video. we had someone who is a critic who said that looked like small contact. is that troubling to you, or does that look like some that should be criminal prosecution? >> sure it is troubling. the fact that it made it to
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formal charges said something in there will be a process that plays out, and he will have an opportunity to defend himself. something that the campaign is going to have to answer for in the specific sense and a general sense. john: most campaign managers would take a leave of absence if charged in this way. >> that is such a wild hypothetical that would not happen in our campaign. when the incident first happened, i mentioned that our campaign manager, what he likes to do when he is not crunching numbers is he goes door-to-door knocking to convince people on behalf of his candidate. he is not out in the crowd serving as a bouncer or enforcing crowd control. mark: bill clinton has not been
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there, chelsea clinton has not been there, why are your principles and candidates not campaigning in wisconsin? >> all the states that are coming up are important, and the new york primary on the 19th, she will kick off in tomorrow with the event. here's where i think the new york primary looms large. the wisconsin primary, there is a lot of reasons why it will be quite competitive. it will be unbalanced, no matter it wins. the new york contest -- it will significantly alter the trajectory of the race. but the new york contest is one of the four remaining delegate rich states where if he is not winning and winning big, then we can effectively say that the race is over. mark: so between now and next clinton step foot into wisconsin?
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>> it is possible. but as of tomorrow we will be here in new york tonight we're balancing our priorities in order to win the nomination. that means not just looking ahead to the very next day, but looking across the chest board -- chessboard. mark: -- john: you guys have been saying, according to the math, that bernie sanders needs to win states by huge margins should close the delegate cap what would be a margin that he could win by an wisconsin that would cause you concern? >> here's the point. what bernie sanders has yet to prove is that he can win big in a delegate rich diverse state -- if he wins wisconsin, even significantly, it does not portend anything with respect -- mark: we're going to break. thank you for coming in.
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coming up next week will play a game. ♪
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>> a republican strategist from new york city, and the hosts. john: thank you. welcome back. >> returning champion. i have knocked out all the other competitors. john: no other person has played.
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>> process of elimination. i will start where i left off, which is marco rubio, remembering rubio. mark: this is what caused the downfall of marco rubio's presidential campaign. don't forget to do it in the form of a question. >> what is the effect of $40 million in super pac money being brought against you when no money was being brought against any other candidate? >> what are negative ads? what are a fragmented, crowded field? mark: we will give you that one. >> cory's story. for $1000.
8:51 pm
john: cory has this percent chance of remaining donald trump's campaign manager. >> what is 100%? >> 100%? john: no way, even if he is -- >> if he is convicted -- i think if he goes to trial, he sticks with them, but if he gets convicted he may not. mark: pick something out. donald trump should have done this -- pick something else. >> lame stream media for $500. candidates who want as much free media as donald trump has gotten should be doing this to get more time for themselves?
8:52 pm
>> what is there is no other , option? unfortunately in this cycle, unless you get in the gutter with donald. mark: conventional wisdom for 1000. >> this is what will happen in cleveland when the republican convention is contested. >> a video daily double. >> what will happen in cleveland when the republican convention is contested? bill kristol put his name into contention. what is bill kristol for president? i know you think it is going to be paul ryan, of who miami huge -- of who i am a huge fan, the country would be well served. i do not think he will put his name in contention.
8:53 pm
>> just like he was not put his name in contention for vice president. >> he refuses to do something, and then usually does it. mark: one more. >> lame stream media 1000. john: in the ongoing war between donald trump and fox news, this side will win. >> who is fox news? john: really, in what way? >> because after november, he -- donald trump will not be a candidate for president of the united states and he will not be a president-elect for the office. foxnews will still be standing in a will be the dominant platform in our modern media. if you still standing after november, the donald trump campaign is not. >> i like how it is conditional. >> trout becomes president, it -- if donald trump becomes president, it will be like vladimir putin, where he edits the articles.
8:54 pm
donald trump will start start shutting down media outlets. mark: dan is our future and one reading champion of this game. we will be right back after this. ♪
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john: this day, who won it? mark: whoever the democratic nominee for president is, because the republican brand is in trouble. john: i have to say bernie
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sanders, because they got killer camp pain agree to activate in new york -- hillary clinton to agree to a debate in new york. mark: check out the great narrative about how push for a $15 million wage went to a mainstream movement. coming up on bloomberg west, cory johnson talks about the debate over encryption. thank you for watching. john will be back with more on all of this. it will be a big day. john: i will be with donald trump in wisconsin. mark: we will see you from wisconsin. until tomorrow, sayonara. ♪
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♪ theaad: it is wednesday 30th of march. i am rishaad salamat. this is "trending business". ♪ rishaad: here is what we are watching, hitting the brakes in japan, falling exports. shinzo abe will frontload spending to boost growth. two chinese banks joining the hang seng. we are headed to the exchange.


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